Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Absolute Proof that Global Warming is Not Occurring in New York City in 2019

You want proof that global warming is not occurring in New York City? Look no further than the first week of 2018 when New York City not only broke but obliterated its record for the coldest first week in history. And the weather data for New York City goes back to 1869!

How could New York City be experiencing global warming when it just not only broke but smashed the record for the coldest first week in history dating back to 1869? The answer, of course, is that New York City is not experiencing global warming.

That does not mean that global warming is not occurring and is not real but it's certainly not real in New York. Here's a quick look at some weather facts from the National Weather Service which clearly show there is no global warming occurring in New York City.

Coldest First Week in New York City History Occurred in 2018

  • 16.4 degrees average temperature

From January 1-7, 2018, the average weather temperature recorded in New York City was 16.4 degrees. Not only is that a new record for New York but it breaks the old record of 21.4 degrees (set in 1981) by a whopping 5 degrees. That is a massive difference of 26.5%.

To put that into perspective, the hottest temperature ever recorded in New York City (Central Park) is 106 degrees. To break that record by 26.5%, New York would have to have a temperature of 134 degrees which would tie the hottest temperature ever recorded on the planet.

Another way to look at it is, six months from the first week in January is the first week of July. If the hottest average temperature for the first week of July is 90 degrees, then to break that record by 26.5% the temperature would have to average 114 degrees which is 8 degrees hotter than it's ever been in New York City.

If global warming was actually taking place in New York City in 2018 there is no way you could break a coldest ever temperature record like that by 26.5%. Here's another set of facts showing global warming is not occurring in New York.

Two-Thirds of Largest Blizzards in New York City Have Occurred in Last 15 Years

Dating back to 1869, New York City has had nine snowstorms or blizzards that dumped at least 19' of snow in the city. Six of the nine blizzards (67%) have all occurred since 2003. 

Another huge blizzard that dumped 20.2" on New York occurred in 1996. So 7 out of the 9 largest blizzards to ever hit New York City all occurred in the last 22 years. That's 78% of all the blizzards to hit New York since 1869.

Before anyone tries to claim that global warming causes more snow, the decade that saw the most snowstorms (defined by 6" or more of snow falling) in New York City history since 1869 is the 1890s with 21. Was global warming occurring then to cause so much snow? The second most by decade is 20 which occurred in the 1900s.

So far in the 2010s, New York City has had 18 snowstorms of 6" or more of snow including one on January 4, 2018, that dumped 7.8" and one on November 15, 2018 that dumped 6.4". That is the third most snowstorms for a decade in New York history and the decade is not over yet.

If global warming was occurring in New York City the city would not be approaching snowstorm records set well over 100 years ago. (Again, if you want to claim global warming causes more snow was it occurring in the 1890s and 1900s?)

There is no possible way that New York City could be experiencing global warming in 2018 when the city just smashed a week long coldest ever temperature record by 26.5% and 2/3 of all blizzards to hit the city have occurred in the last 15 years and the city is approaching snowstorm records that are well over 100 years old.

Update: On March 21-22, 2018, another snowstorm hit New York with 8.2" of snow falling in Central Park. That brings the number of snowstorms in New York City in the 2010s up to 17.

Update: On April 2, 2018, Central Park got 5.5" of snow. Not quite enough to qualify as a snowstorm so New York City just missed out on its 18th snowstorm of the 2010s.

Update: On November 15, 2018, another snowstorm dumped 6.4" in Central Park. The most snow to fall in one day in the city since 1882 in the month of November.

Update: On March 4, 2019, Central Park got 5" of snow. Not quite enough to make the list as a snowstorm but close. Unless something really unusual happens the decade of the 2010s will close with New York having had 18 snowstorms, the third most for a decade in NYC history.

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